2. I am offering a job. Can you help me find the most suitable person?

Yes, we can. First, you need to register at our website. To do so, click the “Register” button, choose an employer account type and fill out the registration form. Click “Sign up”. After that, you need to create a profile of your company – go to the “Company profile” and fill out the information and after you are done click “Save settings”. 

To create a job offer by clicking the “Post a new job” button and fill out the form that includes the information about a job offer. Then click “Post job”. After that, you will be able to see, edit, copy and delete your vacancy at “Manage jobs” section of your account . If you have more than one job offer, you need to fill the form for each of them separately. We do not limit the number of the vacancies published from one company. All your job offers will be available for the candidates unless you delete them. You will be notified within your account profile and via email when a candidate applies. You can manage notifications at the top of the “Dashboard” in your account – by clicking the “Settings” button. You will get the opportunity to communicate with him/her directly via contacts provided in the resume. 

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